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Conscious Drive


T. Tide
Advanced ST Publishing

This is an excerpt from the Japanese version.

...Here, we need to consider the difference between mind and consciousness in order to grasp clear concepts by the definitions of the terms.
If I state that there exists consciousness in plants, you may be surprised. --- Of course, it is not the consciousness that we use daily for awareness of ourselves, but the state in which living plants react to light, temperature, and they grow and bear the fruits in some plants. Plants have evolved through a long history on the Earth. Likewise, animals, too, are living by laying the eggs and raising their offsprings following their instincts. It is this state of living performed by all living things that I say they have cosciousness. It may be called 'pan-consciousness'. In this sense, even a one-cell organism has consciousness. It follows that each cell in our body has consciousness and its active state brings us into existence.
Our sense organs have ...


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