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Ending Aging


Aubrey de Grey and Michael Rae
St. Martin's Press

A book entitled: "Ending Aging" by Aubrey de Grey and Michael Rae will give us a fascinating outlook over the reversing aging process. It doesn't describe how we become debilitated, nor does how we prevent our body from emaciation, but proposes the 7 methods in bio-technology for the only aim: how we can reverse the damages already done. He suggests that if his scheme is adopted, we can extend our life into thousand years(!) without losing youthful vitality. He also views that the aging process is very subtle and is a kind of slowly progressing disease; he stresses that people hold ordinary, persistent, or perverse view that eventual failure of the bio-chemical function of our body cannot be escaped. He compares to various technologies which were supposed to be unrealistic, but once realized, they actually have become part of our daily lives in just one hundred years, such as flying in the air, etc. ---It's a very provocative book. Paperback edition was published in October 2008.


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