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If the Universe is Teeming with AlienscWHERE IS EVERYBODY?


Stephen Webb
Praxis Pub. Copernicus Books

___ The author begins with a question: gWhere is everybody?,h which was supposed to bear the Fermifs name and called the Fermi paradox. (Enrico Fermi was the eminent physicist, especially in the early days of atomic physics.) Paradox? --- Yeah, we now know the fact that our own galaxy alone contains billions of stars, of which at least hundreds of stars (up to the present and counting) were found to have planets around them --- those detected planets are relatively big gas giants, though. (In December 2011, NASA's Kepler found two Earth-size planets, probably rocky with atmosphere, named Kepler-20e and Kepler-20f, among a few thousands.) Thus we may well infer that a large number of stars in our galaxy might have had similar condition favorable to intelligent life. Then, ETC, which stands for extraterrestrial civilization, an acronym by the author, may well exist by millions in number and advances far beyond our own civilization on the earth. We have nevertheless no evidence of their existence or established contact with them. In this context, ETC is classified to three: Type 1: The civilization uses the resources from its planetary nest like ours. Type 2: The civilization could employ the resources of a star. Type 3: The civilization could make full use of galaxyfs entire resources. If such advanced ETCs want to expand their home planet into the Galaxy without destroying themselves, they may have contacted us by now... Well, what do you think of this probability yourself?
___Of course, there have been a plethora of sightings regarding so-called UFOs. Some of the reports and investigations were recently declassified by the British government. Even though such disclosures give us some weird and inexplicable sightings, still, we do not have definite contact with them. So comes the question: gWhere are ET aliens?h
___The author ponders and lists up 49 those questions in an organized way --- from Chap.3: They Are Here, Chap.4: They Exist But Have Not Yet Communicated, to Chap.5 They Do Not Exist. In each chapter, he posits as many reasons as he can think of --- totaling 49...and +1 the last answer by the author himself. We might as well have own opinions on a variety of such scenarios, and ponder as the author did. --- gWhere are they?h


NASA's $200M TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) space telescope for finding exoplanets was launched in April 2018 by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, and replaced the Kepler telescope, which was eventually retired in October 2018. Kepler discovered more than 2,600 alien exoplanets, including 18 Earth-sized exoplanets.


In 2020, then President Trump signed and ordered to declassify and disclose information by June 1 2021. It follows that huge report on everything the government knows about UFOs should be coming by June 1 2021.
→Delayed: the congressional UFO report is expected to be released to the Congress by the middle of June, 2021.

Update 2:
On June 25, 2021, the report, compiled by the office of the Director of National Intelligence, was submitted. As we easily surmised before the release, the report did not find "any evidence to suggest the sightings were alien spacecrafts or evidence of advanced technology possessed by a foreign power." The report, however, did not rule out the possibility, and noted that observers saw "unusual movement patterns of flight characteristics without dicernible means of propulsion." — This observed characteristics beyond earthlings' known technology alone suggests advanced technology possessed by aliens. They may use the gravitational acceleration system for transmedium movement through air (without sonic boom, indicating complete laminar flow around the spacecraft), water, and space freely. As we have not been assailed in any case, it is a logical conclusion that they are just observing us, the social or actual conflicts between countries or within the country, and especially the current stage and capabilities in the development of science and technology in human history. ...We should take the next step to establish a law in preparation for the first contact with alien races.