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Linear Algebra


T. Tsujioka
Advanced Seminar
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Linear Algebra

Chapter 1. Vectors

Chapter 2. Matrices

Linear Algebraic Geometry

Chapter 1. Determinants and Matrices — Overview

§1-1. Vector Space: the Set of Vector Objects in n-D Rn (or Cn)
§1-2. Product of Vectors — Scalar Type
§1-3. Matrices — in Three Views
§1-4. Matrix as Representation of a Linear Operator
§1-5. Definitions of the Determinant — in Four Ways
§1-6. Product of Vectors — Vector Type
§1-7. Finding the Inverse of a Matrix — Three Methods
§1-8. Methods of Solving System of Linear Equations — Six Methods

Chapter 2. Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues

Chapter 3. Bilinear, Quadratic, and Hermitian Forms

Chapter 4. Canonical Forms

Chapter 5. Multi-linear Algebra













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