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M1 Basics


T. Tsujioka
Advanced Seminar
Not_Ready or enrolled students only
Not Ready or enrolled students only

M1 Basics

2. Algebraic Manipulations

2-1. Multiplying expressions; Basic Formulas for Expansions

2-2. Simplifying Double-Roots into One-Root sign

2-3. Methods of Division and the Remainder Theorem

2-4. Methods of Factoring Out and the Factor Theorem

3. Solving Equations

3-1. Linear Equations; one unknown

3-2. Quadratic Equations

3-3. Special Higher Order Equations

3-4. The Relationship between Coefficients and Roots

4. Systems of Simultaneous Equations; two or three unknowns

4-1. By Substitution Method

4-2. By Addition - Subtraction Method

4-3. By Cramer’s Rule with the Determinant

4-4. By Gauss’ Elimination Method

4-5. By use of the Inverse Matrix

4-6. By use of Orthogonal Complement --- Correspondence to Cramer's rule

5. Manipulating Rational Expressions; Partial Fraction Resolutions (Simple Case)


6. Solving Inequalities (Simple Case)


7. Miscellaneous Problems






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