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Adventure of Mr. SR


T. Tsujioka
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SR? Is that an acronym for Special Release?

No, not at all. SR stands for Special Relativity.

Special Relativity?? It was really the title of Special Theory of Relativity, wasnft it? --- No one will read it even if you explain it enthusiastically.

I wonft intend to explain it at all for the purpose of readersf understanding. Honestly speaking, I myself donft understand the current presentation of SR. Thatfs why Ifm going to stipulate the points carefully that I donft understand. In order to make those points out, Ifm going to write the hard-to-understand points in an understandable way, not to explain the hard-to-understand points for your understanding on the premise that SR is correct. Ifm still not sure whether SR is correct or not. If you read my passages, I guarantee that you will be confused with the theory, to be sure, like me.


I may say, a labyrinth of SR....

Labyrinth? --- Is SR a labyrinth?

A sort of labyrinth. Those who are convinced with SR will disagree with me. But there are many points that I canft understand.

But, SR is the established theory, I heard.

Yeah... but itfs still an enigma for me; I have wanted to decipher it.
For instance, according to SRfs expression for time-dilation, the time should be an observed one, not the actual time called eproper time.f The proper time ought not to change. Nevertheless, SR states that one of the twins is aging slower than the other. The far galaxy is receding from us at a greater speed. We are receding from them likewise. Then, do you think that we are aging slower from a view point of them?




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