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T. Tsujioka
Advanced Seminar
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0. Mathematical Preliminaries

0-1. Vectors and coordinate system
0-2. Vector Calculus

I. Static Electricity

1. Electric Field
1-1. Electric charge, Conductors, Dielectric materials, and Coulomb's law
1-2. Electric field strength, Electric flux density, and Gauss's law
1-3. Electric Scalar Potential, Electric potential energy

2. Conductors and Dielectrics in Electric Field
2-1. Electric capacitors and their configuration
2-2. Electric energy and Force

3. Special Methods for Static Electric Field
3-1. Electric image
3-2. Laplace equation
3-3. 2-D Problems

II. Quasi-static Electric Current

4. Electric Charge Flow
4-1. Electric Current and Ohm's law
4-2. Electric circuits, Kirchhoff's law, and Continuity equation of electric charge
4-3. Electric power, Joule's law, and Electro-thermal phenomena
III. Magnetic Field
5. Magnetic field generated by electric current
5-1. Magnetic field strength, and Ampere's law
5-2. Magnetic flux density, Biot-Savart's law, Magnetic vector potential
5-3. Lorentz's force exerted by static magnetic field
5-4. Magnetization and magnetic materials
5-5. Magnetic circuits
IV. Electromagnetic Interaction
6. Electromagnetic Induction
6-1. Electromagnetic induction and Faraday's law
6-2. Inductance
6-3. Self- or Mutual-induction, Magnetic energy
6-4. Various Phenomena
V. Alternating Current and Voltage
7. Alternating Current
7-1. AC in Complex Representation
7-2. AC Circuits, Impedance, and Kirchhoff’s law
VI. Electromagnetic Waves
8. EM Waves
8-1. Maxwell’s equations and EM waves
8-2. EM wave guides
8-3. Antennas
VII. Classical Electrodynamics
9. EM fields in static medium
9-1. Maxwell's equations in vacuum
9-3. Motion of charged particles in EM fields
9-2. Magneto-hydrodynamics
9-4. Plasma behavior in EM fields
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