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Project: Making Electro-static Generator

You have seen lightning in the night sky, or may have experienced an electro-static
shock in the dry season, especially in winter, when you take off your sweaters or
touch the door-knob. Unlike mechanics, however, electromagnetism is not directly
experienced in our daily life. It was not until J. C. Maxwell formulated equations that
electricity and magnetism had been fully understood; they were not even considered
to be related each other until M. Faraday showed their relationship experimentally.
Although EM phenomena are summarized in Maxwellfs equations*, they cannot be
handled until vector calculus is sufficiently mastered. You probably use electrochemical
batteries and AC power every day, but donft routinely deal with electro-static phenomena.
Therefore, students sometimes find it difficult to explain all EM phenomena, stemmed
from the behavior of electrons (quantized electric charge), with clear understandings.

*Maxwell's equations:

Here is the complete list of materials you need. We list the shop names, too, in a separate
file, but if you find the lower priced items at the internet shop, or your favorite stores, you
can order from them. In Tokyo, everything can be purchased at Tokyu Hands, or in Electric
District of Akihabara. In the tri-state areas, such affluent availability is regrettably limited.

1. Dielectric Materials: acrylic plates
12hx 12h 1/8h thick plate...clear (or any transparent/translucent color)
Purchase the cheaper 6hx 12h 1/8h thick plate; any color
liquid cement for acrylic material

2. Metal
Al sheet 12hx 12h
small screws and nuts
brass rods 3 to 5mm (5/32") diameter
...need to be cut to make at least 8, 12 or 16 rods; refer to the drawings for the length (about 13cm)

DC motor


3. Electrical
the DC motor 3V
D cell battery x 2
battery holder for 2 x D cells
slide switch x1
wires, small screws and nuts --- refer to the drawings


lids of frozen juice can

4. Other materials
pulley ...large x1, small x1
thin rubber band for the belt
lids of the frozen juice ...collect them; 6 needed.
...Itfs coated so that it is suitable for preventing corona discharge.
Super Glue

TOOLS: We freely provide tools necessary to cut, bend and solder the parts. Those tools alone cost around $1000 if you want to
________use them for yourself in the project.
COST: As one of the policies of A.Semi that "we may purchase high-priced products if they have values and merits, but we usually _______ purchase the less expensive ones if they have the same quality,h we will do so in this project. The cost, however, depends
_______upon the number of rods you want to use and the size of acrylic plate. Therefore,survey at first.

The following idea also constitutes one of the policies of A.Semi: we can understand completely only when we actually work out the problems ourselves --- they may be those problems in mathematics, experiments in sciences you might encounter.

In the present world, we usually choose the ready-made products manufactured by someone. We at A.Semi weigh much of those
experiences that we create things we want to realize for ourselves in this world. This project using inexpensive materials will provide
you priceless experiences when you construct the Electro-static Generator that will last for many years as long as you fix a minor
worn-out parts.

If you are interested in this project of making electro-static generator, we encourage you to participate in it and challenge to build it.
We provide all the necessary tools and help.

Form: Project Electro-static Generator (.pdf)

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