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Aberration Effect


T. Tsujioka

Aberration Effect


Stellar aberration was first proposed by James Bradley in 1728. When an observer on a moving frame observes light coming from a star, he must tilt his telescope a little in the direction of the movement of his frame. By thought experiments, I will show that the speed of light looks faster by the inside observer on a moving frame, and derive the formula, by which the observer on the frame can determine whether the frame is moving or not against the guiding stars. It may be noted that aberration is a different kind effect from the Doppler effect, one of the properties of waves. Both effects are intrinsically caused by (1) the finite propagation speed of the waves, and (2) the independency of the waves once emitted from the source. The aberration seems to suggest that we need to reconsider some theory related to light, EM (electromagnetic) waves.

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