Notices of 2020
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Notice [posted on Mar.15 2020]

• "Determinants and Matrices in New Perspectives" was published at and
If you take a course "Linear Algebra" in your universities and colleges, this Mono-Subject textbook will
help you understand the subject. For instance, a reciprocal of a number ‘a’, not zero, is obtained by
dividing 1 with a signed length ‘a’ from the origin. It is called a reciprocal 1/a, or the inverse a−1 in the
law of exponents. Likewise, once we find the reciprocal vectors to given row- or column-vectors of a
matrix, we can form the inverse matrix dividing by a signed area for 2×2 case, by a signed volume for
3×3 case, and so on.
Furthermore, Cramer's rule is given algebraically as a formula: the solution is obtained by the ratios of
the determinants, i.e., the ratios of areas (2×2 case) or volumes (3×3 case). The reason is not found
in any textbook in the market. This newly released textbook let you understand why. Please find it.

Notice [posted on Mar.14 SAT 2020]

・Because of coronavirus concerns, May 2 2020 SAT has been cancelled, and April 4 2020 ACT will be rescheduled for June 13.

Notice [posted on Feb. 15 '19]

• American English Grammar for Standard Written English was published for Kindle eBook edition.
In this edition, we incorporated many hyperlinks to jump to answers to check if the selection is correct
or incorrect so that the problem section can be used as e-tests. Unfortunately, the eBooks cannot retain
the user's scores. Keep record your own scores on a sheet of paper or a note page in order to see your
own progress.

Notice [posted on Oct. 14 SAT '17]

• 1-D Calculus was published for Kindle edition. Unlike Introduction to Calculus, which mainly includes
polynomial functions for easy understandings, this edition of 1-D Calculus includes all the basic functions
normally learned in Precalculus. In Note sections, many topics are covered, such as conversion of general
quadratic forms to the standard forms, Maxima and Minima with side conditions, and so on. If you are
interested in acquiring knowledge of Calculus fully, please refer to it. After this, "Calculus in 3-D Space
and Beyond" that includes Multi-variable Calculus and Vector Calculus will be published in later days.

Notice [posted on Feb. 18 THU '16]

・New SAT will be started on and after March SAT Test Day. Verbal section contains passages that assess students'
capabilities of commanding precise knowledge of vocabulray and grammar. Unlike the former Math section, new Math
section contains fundamental knowledge studied in the first year of HS, such as basic algebra, polynomial and rational
functions, in addition to basic trigonometry, figures and equations. We encourage A.Semi HS Division students to acquire
the way of mathematical thinking through HS Math as before. Especially, we urge that 11th students engage in studying
Calculus as well as preparations for Subject Tests.


Notice [posted on Aug. 31 '15]

• "Sequence in Recursive Forms " was published in Kindle eTextbook edition. Even if you have
learned 'Sequences' in school, students are rarely exposed to all the contents in Recursive Forms.
If you are among such students, try to assimilate the contents offered in this textbook.

Notice [posted on Nov. 04 '14]

• "Vectors in 3-D Space" was published in Kindle eTextbook edition. If you feel uneasy about
vectors, try to assimilate it before you learn it in more abstract way about the subject with
matrices in so-called Linear Algebra.


Notice [posted on Apr. 25 '14]

• "Ways of Counting" was published in Kindle eTextbook edition. It includes all the methods
how to classify and count the cases, beginning with Permutations and Combinations. If you
feel uneasy about how to count disparate cases precisely, try to learn the subject by solving
typical problems, and master all the methods.


Notice [posted on Jan. 8 '13]

・Schedule of Spring Semester has been changed a little. Please inquire if you have any question.
In particular, those who are assigned to sent answers to checktests by e-mail must do so until
the end of March for the first set.


Notice [posted on Nov. 15 THU '12]

Reading Comprehension Practice for SAT / GRE Preparations was published for Kindle eBooks.


Notice [posted on July 16 '12]

A message left on our answering machine cannot be deciphered at times. Please leave your message
clearly, especially for phone numbers.

Notice [posted on Oct. 25 '11]

Introduction to Calculus eTextbook edition, at a greatly discounted price, is now available in
Amazon's Kindle eBook edition. It currently lacks interactive quiz section as offered in the Web Site,
but all the 'Detailed Answers and Explanations' are included so that students can effectively use it
in their self-paced study. Extra Problem Set section is expanded to include those appeared in
entrance exams.

* Note that Kindle for PC, iPad, Mac, iPhone, etc., are freely downloadable.

* After ePub3 is widely implemented, we will publish in ePub3 format, and iBook, too.
* The eTextbook edition is a part of Quick Review or Preview Series in Math and Science,
serving for accelerated learning.


Notice [posted on July 15 '11]

・A special one day seminar for building Windows PC will be held in Aug. If you are interested
in building your own PC, please inquire by phone or e-mail.

Notice [posted on June 21 '11]

・Summer Session I will be held in July, Summer Session II is held in Aug.
intensive 10 days each for English I, II, Math (Calculus Part I, II; Precalculus,
etc.) Please refer to Summer Session brochure. If you are interested, please
inquire of Schedule and Time Table.

Notice [posted on Apr. 20 '11]

・For those students who are to return to Japan for entrance examinations,
Specilal Lectures on Math examinations will be held on Sundays in May - June.
If you are interested, please inquire by e-mail or phone.

Notice [posted on Jan. 5 '11]

・Spring Semester begins on Jan. 8 as previously notified.

Notice [posted on Dec. 4 '10]

Winter Session 2010 will be held in intensive three days: Dec. 26 - 28.
If interested, please inquire by e-mail.

...=>closed on Dec.27, 28...due to Snowstorm.

Notice [posted on Oct. 15 '10]

・In Math section, Introduction to Calculus, Linear Algebra (Vectors, Matrices) are
open so that any student can access freely. Even if you are still below 10th grade
students, try to study the contents. If you encounter unfamiliar portion, send e-mail.
We will gradly answer to your question as quickly as possible. Please specify the
question number and unfamiliar portion in detail.

*Limited service. It may be terminated at any time.

Notice [posted on Sept. 1 '10]

・Fall Semester is scheduled to start with E1 and E2 on Sept. 9 THU.
But, it may be changed; please refer to Notice sent in June.

Notice [posted on June 6 '10]

・June 26 is the end of classes in Spring Semester.

・Schedule of Summer Session I and II will be distributed in the middle
of June.
SS I will be held in July and SS II will be held in Aug. --- Intensive 10days each.


Notice [posted on Feb. 25 '10]

A.Semi Classes are closed due to snow this week. Web Lecture will
be held as usual.

Notice [posted on Jan. 1 '10]

A.Semi Spring Semester begins -- starting from E1 on Thursday, Jan. 7 2010.
--- Happy New Year 2010!

Notice [posted on Dec. 13 '09]

Classes this semester end on Dec. 22.
Winter Session 2009 will be held on Dec. 28, 29 -- two days only this year.
--- Happy Holidays!

Notice [posted on Nov.25 '09]

Happy Thanksgiving Day! --- A.Semi is closed.
Math I/II, etc., on Saturday is held as usual.

Notice [posted on Oct. 28 '09]

Please note that the December SAT registration 'Regular Deadline' has
been extended to 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Time), Saturday, October 31, 2009.
Students registering on Saturday will not be charged a late fee.
[This message can be found at the Web Site of College Board.]

Notice [posted on Oct. 27 '09]

・Chemistry (Organic Che II) will be resumed after our Director of Math & Sciences
comes back.

Notice [posted on Aug. 26 '09]

・Fall Semester will begin with E1 and E2 on Sept. 10 THU. If this schedule
needs to be changed, we will notify.

Notice [posted on June 12 '09]

・Spring Semester will end on June 26 this year. Summer Session I (=SS I) and II (=SS II)
will be held in July and in Aug., respectively. Detailed schedule and scheme will be sent to
participating students.

Notice [posted on Apr. 29 '09]

・For H1N1 (Swine Fluj virus outbreak, listen to PodCast or Announcement from CDC..

Notice [posted on Mar. 24 '09]

Effective Essay Writing Course 1 started. Please inquire by e-mail if interested.

Notice [posted on Mar. 11 '09]

・We now consider offering Free Web Lecture as a complimentary lecture
that may complement the regular classes even from Fall 2009.
If you want to enroll in A.Semi from coming Fall Semester, join now Web
Lecture to experience the difference. It's limited-time and completely a free
service. So, feel free to send inquiry e-mail.
Since the number of participants
at a lecture should be limited, please forgive us if your request is not fulfilled.

Notice [posted on Feb. 20 '09]

・Che Quick Review 1 has almost finished. From the next week,
Chemistry Q. Rev. 2 will begin for thorough review, up to Organic

Notice [posted on Feb. 14 '09]

Schedule change during Early Spring Break: NO CLASSES on Sat Feb. 21.
Instead, we will have special classes on Sunday, Feb. 22. Should you find it
would be inconvenient to attend substitute classes on Sunday, send e-mail
to the director. Happy Valentine's Day.

Notice [posted on Feb. 7 '09]

A.Semi Lecture now incorporates Personal Whiteboard with which illustrations
in Math, Physics, etc., become easy to be grasped. Its size is not so large, but we
think it will promote much better understanding.

Notice [posted on Jan. 10 '09]

A.Semi Web Lecture started. We feel almost the same presence in
the class each other. It would be most suitable to those who cannot
come to attend the class in NY. Computer + Broadband Internet
access is indispensable. If you are interested in participation, please
feel free to send e-mail inquiry.

Notice [posted on Jan. 4 '09]

A.Semi Lecture will be held as early as in the 2nd week in Jan.
The currently enrolled students need to set up own schedules. Each
lecture consists in one basic unit x twice per week, except for Phy, Che.


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