Schedule of 2020

· Schedules for Spring Semester:

· New Semester begins on Jan. 9 THU 2020 : E1 E2

· Web Lecture.

10th (from Sept.) : Math I to solidify Math foundations continues; E1 to increase vocabulary and the knowledge of grammar.
11th (from Sept.) : Math I Part 2 or Precalculus;
Chemistry Review or Physics Preview; E1 Plus or E2.
12th (from Sept.) : Preparations for MIIC + Calculus Part 3 + E2 (SAT Verbal level)
+ Physics Review + Preparations for Entrance Exams

· Please refer to "Notice of Jan 12." (distributed) in Japanese .pdf. for starting up in Spring Semester 2020.

We advise that 11th and 12th students make plans for taking SATs and Subject Tests well in advance.

SAT Calendar 2019 - 2020

In addition to the regular preparations for SATs and Subject Tests, those who are to return to Japan need to take enough time to practice on solving problems of entrance examinations, especially those of Math.
Specifically, we urge that 11th students learn Recursive Form of Sequences, Vectors and Matrices (Simple Form of Linear Algebra), along with Precalculus.

· Spring Special Session 2020

· Notice of June20 in Japanese .pdf

· Summer Session 2020 Questionnaire & Selection Guide20 in .pdf

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· Summer Session 2020 will be held in July and Aug. *** Please ask for the brochure! ---Here, only Page 2 (in .pdf)is available.
--- Intensive 10 days --- in the beginning of July [Time Table of SS I (in .pdf)] + Special Course for TOEFL [Time Table of TSC (in .pdf)]
--- Intensive 10 days --- in the beginning of Aug..

· Fall Semester begins on Sept. 6 2020 Math 1 and Math 2. Please inquire about the class schedules. Office will be completely closed until Sept.---- except for e-mail inquiries.

· Notice of Sept20 in Japanese

· Simulated SAT will be held in the end of Sept., Nov.

· Notice of Dec20 in Japanese .pdf

· Notice of Winter Session 2020

Upcoming Notices:

· New Semester will begin on Jan. 2021 (not yet set)